Marko repairs and restores your heirloom clocks

You will enjoy them for years to come!

In addition to cleaning and repairing clocks to working order, Marko expertly restores gold plating to bring back the original look of the timepiece.

If you have a clock that was originally gold-plated, don't ruin it with paint! Contact Marko for a quote to restore your clock's original beauty with gold plating.

See photos below for some examples of Marko's restoration projects.


After Restoration


1920's tubular bells movement: After cleaning and replacement of bushings, the movement was tuned up and in working order. 

After Restoration


Becker 400 day clock: After cleaning and new glass dome. Restored to original condition and in working order.

After Restoration


Marko's Clocks can restore gold-plating to return your clock to it's original eye-catching beauty.

Before Restoration


1920's tubular bells movement needed thorough cleaning and replacement of bushings.

Before Restoration


Becker disc pendulum 400 day clock. Restoration required complete cleaning as well as replacement glass domes.

Before Restoration


Many pre-1940's clocks were originally

 gold-plated. Over time, the plating has worn off and only the base metal remains.